This is how we do it...

We love weekends.  We love having Daddy home and extra playing and projects and staying in our p.j.'s for longer than normal...as in until after nap time in the afternoon.  We especially loved last weekend because we had Daniel home for 4 straight days since he'd been in Uganda for 9 days.  I got 3 sets of the most beautiful eyes to look at all four days.  Two dimpled little boys loving life, and me enjoying being their mama and Daniel's wife more than I can adequately describe with words.  The house...well, lets just say that the pile of laundry that could have it's own mountain name, the floors in desperate need of a good moppin' and the unmade beds were more than worth the family time we drank in.  Soaked up.  Slirped down.  Breathed in.  Rolled around in like a big pile of freshly fallen autumn leaves....this is how we do it.

Leg hugs are the best.  

Rolling around in the leaves is fun, Mama!

Thanks for helping us rake, Dex!  

I'm big.  I rake.  

I will not smile for the camera, but I can make a smashing funny face!
And I can help my little bro make a funny face...see?

Leaves are for rolling around in.  

What's a weekend without a good project?  Pinecones slobbed with peanut butter (yes, Noah David ate and wore his instead of putting it on his pine cone) and then bird seed liberally sprinkled...yarn tied, sling it over a limb...voila!  I wish I could say that we've enjoyed the cardinals and blue jays and robins munching away on the provisions we've made for them.  Heck, we'd be equally excited about seeing a squirrel or chipmunk try to get some...but nope.  Nothin'.  So far we just have 4 pinecones hanging from a pretty tree.  We'll take it.  

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