About Me

I am Sarah, wife of Daniel the great and mama of Daniel Isaac (5) and Noah David (2.5).  Josiah is growing well in womb and due October 3, and we are eagerly waiting for a referral for a child (or two) from Uganda and hope to travel early 2013 to bring him/her/them/home.  That’s the short version...

I’m married to my high school sweetheart and best friend.  He is my hero; he is my leader.  We love to be together, and he loves me so well.  He also happens to be the best father in the whole world, and our boys adore him.  Noah David wants to be a daddy when he grows up.  I don’t blame him after experiencing life as Daniel’s son.  He is engaged, aware, and deeply loves us.  My gratitude for my husband runs deeply to my core.

I love being a mama.  I really love children and always have.  I hope and pray we get a house-full and when our youngest is no longer a baby one day that grandchildren will start trickling in.  Children really are a gift and a blessing, and I want them around all the time!  My boys teach me countless lessons and provide countless revelations.  They are precious, and I have so much joy in being their mommy.  I daily dread how quickly they are growing up, and I savor these little years.  They are so very dear. 

This blog is a simple, small account of our wonderful, lives.  It’s a way to document different events and a way to keep family and friends posted on our happenings.

Not a single breath is taken without the strength and grace of my heavenly Father.  He rescued me from myself, and He has graciously led me and carried me through life.  He’s my everything.