Adoption Journey Update + Little Light Randomness

We'll start with a few pictures of the little Taylor lights and then on to some updates! Enjoy!

Noah David's baby, Ham, needed to wear a hat this day. And change them all day. And have his diaper checked all day. And sit at the table with us with his own bowl and cup with whatever we're eating. I am a grandmother to this doll. Seriously.

Noah David has discovered his voice when it comes to dressing. This particular day we were home all day, so I gave him all the freedom he wanted and he INSISTED on my batman shirt, Daniel Isaac's gym shorts, his favorite old DI crocs on the wrong foot and multiple hats. Bless him.

Upside down baby beauty.

I finally figured out how to get my big boy into footed p.j.'s again...SUPERMAN!

Noah David spent almost all day last Saturday in these sunglasses.
I mean, who doesn't bathe in their orange sunglasses, Mom?

The past two weeks have been the-good-kind of overwhelming! From the time we announced our decision and calling to embark on this beautiful adoption journey a couple weeks ago, we have hit-the-ground running in fund raising and experiencing "our village" begin to come together and build on behalf of the baby the Lord is knitting together for us. Not a day goes by that I don't think of the birth mother who is potentially already carrying our baby, her family, what she is experiencing, the growth and formation and creation of the child within her and what she will go through. While I am so eager and ready to have our baby in arms, in family, in village, my heart breaks for her and is begging our Lord to take good care of her and provide her with His peace that passes all understanding. Please join us in praying for her and for baby. That means the world to us. You know what else has touched us to the core? The encouragement, excitement and support given to us by each of you. This child's life is already being celebrated and prayed for, and he/she is going to have one heck of a story! I can't wait to tell him/her about the generous donations poured in on his/her behalf, on our Adoption Aprons (see our Etsy shop link in the side bar) selling out the first day, the people from Africa who have been placed in our path just this week and other children from Uganda...the Village is being built. And what a loving, safe, warm village he/she will arrive in and grow up in. So thank you. Thank you for loving us and for loving our boys and for loving our baby!

Our application to Lifeline was accepted at the beginning of January, so our next step is to get our home study done. The only part of our adoption that Lifeline cannot do is our home study since Daniel is an employee. SO, Catholic Social Services in Montgomery will be doing it for us. They boys and I went to Montgomery Tuesday afternoon to pick up our application and talk with our social worker. They will hopefully be able to begin the home study at the end of February, but we have plenty of "homework" and paperwork to complete in the meantime. AND, the $1500.00 to raise for our home study fee to them. Depending on how quickly our fingerprints and Child Abuse/Neglect clearances come back, it should be around 3 months for our home study to be completed. We are moving along and trusting the Lord every step.

NOW for the DI FUNNY!
Daniel Isaac says at least one thing a day that makes me laugh hysterically and run to write it down. Today, though, I was in the car when this one happened, and I'm still giggling....

We were getting ready at home this morning, and Daniel Isaac was complaining about having to run an errand before going to the park. I told him that if he did not complain and argue that we could get a special drink from Sonic to have with our picnic at the park. Well, he continued to complain and fuss...about his shirt, the lumps in his socks, having to run errands, etc. So we passed up Sonic much to his dismay and confusion. I told him, "Daniel Isaac, we don't get to get a treat because you didn't obey Mommy. I told you that you couldn't complain and argue if you wanted a treat and you continued to complain and argue all morning, so you don't get one. Next time, make a better choice to obey Mommy, ok?" He very earnestly began his litigation..."Mommy, you see, that lady in the garden Eve was made from Adam's booby. (Pointing to his upper rib to show me) And they made a bad choice and ate the fruit when God told them not to and turned back into dust. So, I can't be good allll the time. I just can't." Well, if that's not trying to apply Scripture then I don't know what is. We still didn't get Sonic and instead had more discussion about asking God to help him obey and do better next time. :) So just in case you ever wonder, "that lady Eve was made from Adam's booby and when they died she went back in there and he turned into dust."

Happy Weekend! Stay tuned for more apron designs and postings on our Etsy site and facebook!


We're Going to AFRICA!!!

Unzipping our coats, revealing our Africa shirts and yelling, "WE'RE GOING TO AFRICA!"  Then our eyes darting to Daniel to complete the announcement with, "And bringing home our baby!" had to be one of our most exciting and memorable family moments.  Daniel Isaac then wanted to relive it over and over by re revealing his shirt and yelling, "WE'RE GOING TO AFRICA!"

"Maama", "Taata", and "Mukulu" is on our shirts...Luganda for "Mama" "Daddy" and "Big Brother"

The Lord placed Uganda on my heart long ago, and after much begging and pleading to my dad my freshman year of college to be allowed to go there on a summer mission trip, he stuck to his answer, "No." Instead he sent me on many very meaningful, wonderful mission trips for which I am very thankful for.  Then Daniel's first trip with Lifeline was to none other than Uganda!  I was jealous but mostly extremely excited and eager to hear all about it.   And ya know what?  Even better than if I'd been granted my wish my freshman year of college...I get to go to Uganda for the first time with my husband, two boys and return home with our baby!  Talk about abundantly more than I could ask or imagine!

Our application has been accepted with our wonderful agency (www.lifelineadoption.org), and we will begin the home study process with another agency (Lifeline can't do our home study since Daniel works there) within the next few weeks.  HOPEFULLY, around this time next year we will be traveling as a family to meet and bring home our baby.

Daniel Isaac is super excited to become a big brother, super excited to fly on an airplane all the way to Africa, and super excited to teach Noah David how to be a big brother.  Noah David obviously doesn't understand everything that's going on, but he knows it's exciting and he knows he's a part and is happy about that!

I aim to post here regularly with updates on our adoption process.  We beg for your prayers with us on this journey!  We have about $30,000.00 to raise and will be posting more information on fund raisers and such.  We eagerly anticipate walking this road together, as a community and finally getting to hold and forever cherish our baby.


So excited we're silly!!!!


Pictureless Posting

I've written at least a hundred posts in my head these past two weeks.  Moments of every day happen.  Memorable ones.  And when they do, I think, "Register this in the permanent memory index...never ever forget how this feels."  The delight of my boys.  My heart growing when hearing my big boy tell me he really doesn't want anything for Christmas.  Hours of late nights and long hours on homemade gifts and gift-wrapping and really loving it.  Getting to spend the 21st surrounded by my family...laughter, joking, smiles, delicious food...and love all exchanged in epic proportion.  Then moving to the 23rd at Daniel's grandparents and his mama's side of the family.  Daniel Isaac sweating profusely within an hour of arrival, delighted to be able to have his two big cousins to wrestle with.  Noah David going back and forth between his daddy and me....getting down some to giggle and try to pitch in helping fight off the big cousins with his brother.  Granddaddy, nearing 90 years and the depth of his beautiful heart and soul, sharing with us before eating a huge Grandmom-made feast, the love and pride he has for his family.  Taking one of those pause moments when Grandmom and Granddaddy were sitting next to each other as gifts began to get opened...looking at the light in their eyes, the hard work that has come from their hands, the wisdom that pours from their lips, and the vast love they have for one another and their family.  I've stolen one of my all-time favorite Granddaddy phrases, "If Mama (that's what he calls his lovely bride, Grandmom) ever leaves me, I told her I'm packing my bags and going with her!"  That's right.  We're sticking together....forever.  Then we had a lovely Christmas Eve dinner in pajamas with Nana, Pops and Grandmother...and Christmas morning was just divine.  It started slowly like my favorite kind of mornings do, and then we had a breakfast picnic in front of the Christmas tree.  Hot chocolate and marshmallows covering the front of ND's belly, and coating the chin and lips of DI.  Then Daniel read us the Christmas story, we prayed...giving so much heart-felt thanks for all that the Lord has given us and done for us...and for who He is.  Then the boys got to open their presents from us.  It was slow and special and just us 4.  I cried at the gift Daniel gave me...more on that later.  Christmas Day lunch with Nana, Pops, and Granmother...more deliciousness.  Then a heavenly looong afternoon nap for all 4 of us.  In fact, I had to wake up Daniel and Daniel Isaac at 5:15 to go to our bffs the Cannons for more celebrations.  They had prepared a feast of prime rib and succulent potatoes and this awesome salad I will get the dressing recipe and post, and I'm not a recipe-poster, but it was just that good.  The kids got their very own "kid table" and were up playing with new toys in no time, but the grown-ups got to sit.  Sit for a meal...with 6 kids aged 5 and under all playing gleefully and running through the house together.  It was awesome.  It feels so very good to share such closeness with such dear people.  The grown-ups and the kids.  More gift exchange...and lingering.  I didn't want it to end.  But ya know what?  Christmas doesn't end...it keeps on going.  And it has.

We also got to visit Daniel's Dad's mom and family for a wonderful afternoon-evening of Daniel Isaac completely disappearing to play with cousins and devastation when we left and Noah David just glad to be right there with us, alternating snuggles and play.

I photo documented Christmas better this year than any other, but my tech-man Daniel (thank God he is so tech savvy and takes care of all of our electronic happenings!!!), already moved the pictures to an external hard drive.  I'll get 'em back some time, but these words couldn't go another moment trapped in my brain.

More will come, pictures to be included...for now, enjoying all that celebrating Christmas brings.  And really really enjoying having Daddy around with our two little lights.

Our hearts are brighter.