To say that this post is overdue is quite the understatement.  So much has happened, and there is much to tell...and still so little time.  Josiah entered this world October 2, healthy and reminding us once again what a special miracle life really is.  His big brothers have shown nothing but love, tenderness, admiration, and delight over him.  He has plumped up rather nicely, and we cannot get enough of his big toothless grin and giggles.  We are enjoying the wonder of his new discoveries such as...his hands, the ceiling fan, and his funny brothers.  Josiah really is a treasure to each of us; we are so thankful for this little surprise the Lord planned for us.

Daniel Isaac's brain still baffles us, and he makes us...and just about everyone he comes into contact with laugh.  Like.it's.his.job.  We celebrated his 6th birthday Army style, and he continues to enjoy activities such as sword fighting, wrestling, fighting, paper airplane making and flying, ninja fighting, cops and robbers fighting, word play, jokes, beat boxing, and break dancing.  He's really good at all of the above.  We're just trying to direct the love for action in the right direction.  Daniel Isaac loves people- he is out-going and friendly.  He is a precious, bright gift that we continue to thank the Lord for.

Noah David's tender heart continues to shine through.  He is tender and compassionate.  He loves his family something fierce.  He randomly tells each of us all the time, "I love you,"...and he usually flashes the sign language sign for it.  He shares hugs, snuggles, and kisses with Josiah and the rest of us so generously.  He "reads" the Bible to Josiah because he wants to "teach him about God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit."  Noah David is strong and holds his own really well with the aforementioned fighting practice.  His imagination is brilliant and takes us on all types of trips and adventures each day.  Noah David thinks and talks about heaven a lot...he's got a depth to his soul beyond his years.  We praise the Lord for giving us our shining Noah David.

Daniel continues to work extremely hard here in Birmingham's Lifeline Children's Services office.  He loves what he does, and although I'm very partial, he is extremely gifted and good at all he does.  Daniel is our patient, loving, caring rock.  The boys have grand admiration for him, and my respect for him runs deep.  We love him and are so thankful the Lord gave him to this family as our leader.

Me?  Ha.  We don't have near the time to stretch out on the psychiatrists lounge chair to cover what my past few months have looked like.  But I'll sum it up.  I've been sick a lot.  I've gotten discouraged more than I've remembered Who I really serve.  I've worried more than I've remembered my True Provider.  And you know what?  The joy of the Lord really IS my strength.  He is worthy...and He restores.  He has filled my heart with peace, and He has lovingly held me in His arms and never ever turns His loving bright shining face from me no.matter.what.  Grace, I love the taste of His Grace.  Oh how thankful I am to serve this Father!

Our adoption....I wish so deeply within my heart that I had any news.  We have remained #8 on the Uganda waiting list going on 4 months now.  And I could go into all the reasons for this and how Uganda adoptions have slowed down and the reasons for that, but really, ultimately, the Master of the universe and His timing and planning are perfect, and we are trusting Him in that.  We are actively, passionately seeking Him and His plan for our family, and we would really love your prayers for guidance and wisdom on this.  We started this process two years ago this month, thinking we would've been home for several months already with our precious Uganda child in arms.  Obviously, this is not the case.  Our hearts long for the child the Lord has planned for us, and our main desire is to simply remain open to what He has in store and to always be ready and willing to say "yes" to whoever and whatever that may be.

We are giving thanks.

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  1. Just wanted to send some encouragement your way as in you are in the waiting. We have our sweet little boy home now from UG but only after being in process for 2 1/2 years (and having another one of our own as well)! Looking back we can so clearly see God's hand in everything. Keep hanging in there and trusting Him. Looking forward to hearing some exciting news from you all before too long.