We are here; we are here!

I feel much like the little people on the clover in Horton Hears a Who.  We are here!  We are here!  Oh so small in a world so big but still very much here.  I am doing the kind of floating that's bumpy and rough and earthquake-ish.  Definitely flying by the seat of my pants and ready to settle into some type of routine.  Yearning for stillness and quietness and "p.j. days" as my DI calls them.  

A "real" post is coming soon.  But for now, I leave you with a few precious pictures.

Inspired by none other than Nacho Libre himself.  ND has one, too.  Don't worry.

He's funny.

Not much beats puddle splashing.


Close up profile shot of DI's rockstar hair.  This is a regular occurrence in our home.  First the hair, then the blaring music and us dancing around and singing and playing air guitar and drums.  

Rock on!


He captivates me.

"Enjoy today. Just today. Tomorrow will be another favorite day when it comes...but don't be done with today until you have squeezed the last juice 
from its rind." -Poppa Rik 

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