Jump, Pops, Jump!

We did something we don't do nearly often enough...Nana, Pops and Grandmother came over to our house for Sunday lunch... (perhaps because I haven't gotten the whole "house keeping" thing down just yet....or perhaps because Pops and Nana are such fantastic cooks and invite us over every Sunday for lunch...or both.)  To say the boys were elated to have them here is quite the understatement.  Showing off random toys, tricks, house hold items....and then the grand finale.  The trampoline.  What you see below is only a portion of Jumping Pops.  Before this, DI kept saying, "Jump, Pops, jump!"  Amazing what a grandparents' love will do.  Without further hesitation....I present to you, "Jump, Pops, Jump!" (The video below is the only one I've posted...YouTube may prompt you to view more after this one.  Caution and view at your own risk!  I've received word some of them are inappropriate!)

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