As usual, I have about a million blog posts brewing in my head, complete with pictures, but they just have not made it out.  We have celebrated, Daniel Isaac's preschool graduation, Noah David's 3rd birthday, the discovering we are having our third son, and moving all since the last post!

We are getting settled in Birmingham, and so far we love it!  I'm learning my way around, and Daniel already loved his work with Lifeline and just gets to do more that we are here.  The boys are still trying to figure out that we can't just "go see" grandparents down the road, but overall, they are doing really well and enjoying it here.

We hope and pray we find a church home quickly, and we have loved seeing our Birmingham friends and look forward to many more gatherings and play dates.

Basically, we are extremely thankful.  Overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the help we received packing and moving here from church family, friends, and family.  Overwhelmed with gratitude for our friends who came in 106 degree heat to help us unload our very large pile of belongings down the steep driveway into our new home.  Overwhelmed with gratitude for the journey the Lord is leading us through.

With every kick in my womb from Josiah, I am reminded of the child waiting for us in Africa.  And I am deeply thankful for the Lord's Hand and planning in every step of this adoption journey.  I couldn't do it without knowing He cares and He has a plan.

Daniel Isaac and Noah David tell EVERYone who comments on Josiah and them being a big brother, "Yes, that is Josiah AAAANNNNNDDD we have ANOTHER baby!  In Africa!"  I love that our baby in Africa is a constant in their thought process.  I love that they are proud big brothers of both siblings...and hopefully more to come.  :)  It's so sweet, and the Lord uses it every single time to bless my heart.

Please pray for us as we are getting settled here in Birmingham.  As we unpack and prepare for life in a new city, finding a new church, starting a new school, and bringing home new babies.  Pray that our eyes will stay fixed and focused on the Author of it all, and that He will continue to keep gratitude at the forefront of our hearts and minds.

Giving thanks,

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