A Few Things...

1.  So, we went to the Syrup Soppin' in Loachapoka this weekend.  It was a first for me, and I do hope to return.  However, I learned a very important thing...'Poka doesn't have ATMs or even a place to cash a check, and if you don't bring ciz-ash to the Syrup Soppin' there's not a ton to do.  Do not fear, though!  The Taylors + our super friend/neighbor Dex found some brief entertainment...fo free.  

REAL train comin' through for us to watch!
Forcing my DI to stop his play atop the "rock wall" to take a picture with his mama...threats of not being allowed to continue to kill the imaginary alligators below were involved.  But hey, I got my picture.  :)
Sweet boy determined to climb the "rock wall" like his big brother and Dex.
Yes!  He escaped the alligators!  Thank goodness for those spears Mommy gave him!

Watching the mule go 'round and 'round causing the syrup to be squeezed out of the sugar cane...and yes, the boys asking repeatedly why they couldn't ride the mule...um, er uh...'cause 'Poka don't got no ATM that's why.
Noah David, Daniel Isaac and Dex...happy boys, taking turns riding the stroller! We had fun...we didn't need cashola!  We had eachother!
2.  Daniel and I got a last-minute date to the Atlanta Ballet to see Moulin Rouge Saturday night...thanks to Heather and Race for the tickets AND keeping and lovin' on our boys.  Not only did we get a 3 hour uninterrupted car ride together, but we got to see a lovely, vibrant beautifully done ballet.  What a gift.  Photography not allowed or else I'd have some pics to post of the amazing ballerinas.  I may try to mimic some of the moves and tape myself and then post that.  Or not.  Hmmm.

3.  Andrus Family Dinner night is a standing Wednesday night family night where Pops takes us to dinner.  Tonight DI picked the Brick Oven.  ND decided that his high chair is way overrated VERY early in our invasion, I mean visit to the restaurant.  After watching the fire in the kitchen cooking the pizza for a while, the sympatheic server brought the boys pizza dough to play with, which was a big hit! My favorite part of the whole evening was the argument that took place at the end of dinner.  Yep, that's right, the argument.  Pops said to Daniel Isaac, "You can't hug my daughter!  She's my little girl!"  To which DI enthusiastically replied, "Oh yes I can 'cause she's MY mommy!"  And then he wrapped those precious strong arms around my neck.  Then Pops banters back, "No more hugging her 'cause she's MY daughter, my little girl, you can't hug her!"  Then the twinkle eyed wonder giggles, "She's MY mommy and I can hug her if I want 'cause I love her!"  Then Noah David squawks in on the argument and tackles my other side.  So there I am smothered by my delightful boys, all arguing their love for me...other by-standers and families in booths starting to notice with smiles...and I'm in heaven.  The only thing missing was my Daniel who didn't make it home from work in time.  But still, my dad who has done such an amazing job loving me and patiently guiding me, and my boys lovin' on me...seeing it and feeling it come full circle.  And now my dad getting to help and contribute to lovin' and guiding and teaching my boys.  What a gift.  What a blessing.  I think so often, "Lord, you certainly didn't have to give me these boys and let me be their mama and Daniel's wife and Dad's daughter, but you did and for that I am so deeply and forever thankful."  It's from Him...all of it, and I'm soakin' it up....like rollin' around in it and happily flailing in it.  Joy.  

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change."  James 1:17

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