My Star!

I love the excitement, anticipation and utter glee I have looking forward to and then watching my little star in his preschool Thanksgiving celebration.  He's in the 3 year old class this year, so he got to be an Indian (graduated from the turkey he was last year in the 2 year old class).  

Daniel Isaac waving ever so enthusiastically all throughout the program.  Precious.
I arrived 30 minutes early to the program to save seats for all of Daniel Isaac's fans only to discover that the sanctuary was almost full.  But that's okay because I knew as soon as the program began I would scuttle my way all the way up as close as I could get to take pictures and video and lock eye contact as much as possible with my little man.  Oh my heart burst with joy and excitement watching him sing his heart out and wave his heart out and giggle and smile and clap and give it 150%!  I also love the parent paparazzi that breaks forth the minute the program starts (me included).  We all stand and wave and rush with cameras flashing, gasping and giggling and all beaming with pride over our littles up there performing and looking extremely cute.  

My little ham.
The only picture with my boys we got that day...clearly they weren't very interested.  
The yummy feast afterwards!

Chocolate cupcake = smile on DI's face.

Sweet DI let Noah David borrow his Indian head wear.  Very proud.

This is the introduction to Thanksgiving Day for me.  It gets me all enthusiastiac and in-the-spirit.  I mean, gratitude is something that dominates my heart most of the time...I swim in it and it keeps me bobbin' and afloat, but the SonShine Preschool Thanksgiving Celebration is the red carpet to the holiday season for me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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