Thanksgiving is...

...getting a breakfast date with Daniel Isaac.
...gathering for Andrus family meal, everyone talking and laughing at once.
...Pops' select readings to the family about Thanksgiving.
...Nana's table setting so beautiful and getting to use the turkey plates.
...DI and ND getting to sit at the little kid table together.
...eating the delicious meal made special by Dad and Mom.
...Hannah being home.
...Baby Jake being here for Thanksgiving this year!
...getting to spend time with Daniel's family.
...DI and Madeleine playing so well together running and giggling together for hours.
...Adin being here for Thanksgiving this year!
...Miles being here for Thanksgiving this year!
...wonderfully sweet family and conversations and more yummy food.
...Daniel's strong warm hand slipping it's way over to mine on the car ride home.
...coming home to our colorful, warm comfortable home.
...two sleeping boys who are so beautiful and full of light and joy.
...living life full of gratitude and recognizing that Ephesians 5:20 is a fabulous theme verse, "giving thanks always and for everything to God the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

Eyes tired, belly full, heart bursting with joy and gratitude.  

Happy happy Thanksgiving.  

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