Superhero party for my SUPERhero!

Daniel Isaac's 4th birthday party could have been nothing other than a SUPERHERO one, and Saturday's celebration was the type that caused me to pause and make mental memories the entire time in effort to absorb all of the joy, energy, and love. So many of Daniel Isaac's friends and family came to celebrate him...his life, and I want to remember everything about it. I never want to forget his radiant face when he saw his brand new big boy bike from Nana and Pops...I never want to forget his enthusiastic greetings to all of his friends...I never want to forget his excitement and energy and really thinking that he felt so loved and celebrated. My Daniel Isaac. What a gift God has given this world, and I get to be his mama. There aren't words...but here are a few pictures...

Spiderman giving his pal Batman a helpful push.

Hercules (Pops) fighting with Batman and Spidey pre-party.

So...the marshmallow guns from Aunt Heather were a HUGE hit, but Noah David was especially excited about the edible mallow ammunition. Yes, he frantically ran through the lawn stuffing his resembling cheeks full of them. And yes, we let him eat marshmallows off of the ground. He was thrilled.

Batman shooting a mallow gun!

And what would a superhero party be without a Spiderman pinata?

Hiii-YA! Batman kicks Spiderman! Whap! Pow!

Superhero tattoos. (Special thanks to Alli Anne our aspiring tattoo artist.)

Again, thanks to Aunt Heather, for homemaking superhero sugar cookies coated in white chocolate and sprinkles and to Race for making the awesome super stickers! Party favors!! Whoohoo!

Sweet Baby Jake's first birthday party! We love our little Superman Jake!

Lots of friends gather 'round for tattoos and for reloading the marshmallow gun!

Ironman Pierce takes action with his mallow shooter!

Get 'em, Birthday boy Batman!

After a series of clues from Venom who was threatening to bash and steal DI's birthday cake, all friends and family sang loud enough to keep him from succeeding in his scheme!

The cake DI and I made together...loving that he's old enough to help!!

Friends enjoying cake...mmm.
Athena (aka Nana) holding Lizzie the youngest little super at the party at just one month old!

Yes! PINATA time! Go Batman!

Spidey needed a turn, too!

Super hard high fives for Spiderman!

Sweet cousin Adin and Noah David enjoyed many laps up and down the sidewalk in the wagon (thanks to Papa!)

Ironmen Holt and Pierce attack Spiderman!

Superhero Caleb running like the wind!

Adin and Elijah lovin' the wagon!

Mmmm...a tootsie roll!

Noah David in Spidey + Eli in Spidey + Ravito in Spidey = About the cutest thing ever.

'Bout to destroy the pinata post-party.

I love him.

Bliss. My boys are my heart, and they are super...really really super.

Post party grass snuggles.

Impossible to resist kissin' those marshmallow cheeks. Impossible.

Notice Spiderman's head is all that's left to the pinata...go Batman!

Daniel Isaac was full of delight, gratitude, joy, love and energy at his party, and boy was he delighted in. Special heartfelt thanks to all who came to shower our boy with so much love. A mama's heart sure does overflow when others love on her babies, and my heart was a spillin' over in bucket loads. Happy happy birthday to my favorite Daniel Isaac in the world. You are my superhero.

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  1. So many things to say!
    1- I cannot believe he is 4- holy cow.
    2- Cutest birthday party ever. Especially loved all of the commentary with the pics.
    3- You have bangs!!! Love them!
    4- Terry and Annette win the best grandparents award for those costumes- and they looked so legit!!!
    5- LOVED getting to see it all! The boys are so precious and I can't wait to see yall! Counting on sometime around Christmas hopefully!