We're Going to AFRICA!!!

Unzipping our coats, revealing our Africa shirts and yelling, "WE'RE GOING TO AFRICA!"  Then our eyes darting to Daniel to complete the announcement with, "And bringing home our baby!" had to be one of our most exciting and memorable family moments.  Daniel Isaac then wanted to relive it over and over by re revealing his shirt and yelling, "WE'RE GOING TO AFRICA!"

"Maama", "Taata", and "Mukulu" is on our shirts...Luganda for "Mama" "Daddy" and "Big Brother"

The Lord placed Uganda on my heart long ago, and after much begging and pleading to my dad my freshman year of college to be allowed to go there on a summer mission trip, he stuck to his answer, "No." Instead he sent me on many very meaningful, wonderful mission trips for which I am very thankful for.  Then Daniel's first trip with Lifeline was to none other than Uganda!  I was jealous but mostly extremely excited and eager to hear all about it.   And ya know what?  Even better than if I'd been granted my wish my freshman year of college...I get to go to Uganda for the first time with my husband, two boys and return home with our baby!  Talk about abundantly more than I could ask or imagine!

Our application has been accepted with our wonderful agency (www.lifelineadoption.org), and we will begin the home study process with another agency (Lifeline can't do our home study since Daniel works there) within the next few weeks.  HOPEFULLY, around this time next year we will be traveling as a family to meet and bring home our baby.

Daniel Isaac is super excited to become a big brother, super excited to fly on an airplane all the way to Africa, and super excited to teach Noah David how to be a big brother.  Noah David obviously doesn't understand everything that's going on, but he knows it's exciting and he knows he's a part and is happy about that!

I aim to post here regularly with updates on our adoption process.  We beg for your prayers with us on this journey!  We have about $30,000.00 to raise and will be posting more information on fund raisers and such.  We eagerly anticipate walking this road together, as a community and finally getting to hold and forever cherish our baby.


So excited we're silly!!!!


  1. Yayy!! What an amazing journey. I am so excited for you because God will show his faithfulness in beautiful ways this next year. Can't wait to follow your adoption process :)

  2. SOOOOOOOOO exciting!!! I cannot wait to see how the Lord provides for this sweet sweet blessing!!!! Praying for y'all!!!

  3. Ran across your blog! We are an ET adoptive family have very dear friends who will leave for Uganda in a few months to bring home their two boys. CONGRATS on going to Africa.

    Hugs and Love,