Adoption Journey Update + Little Light Randomness

We'll start with a few pictures of the little Taylor lights and then on to some updates! Enjoy!

Noah David's baby, Ham, needed to wear a hat this day. And change them all day. And have his diaper checked all day. And sit at the table with us with his own bowl and cup with whatever we're eating. I am a grandmother to this doll. Seriously.

Noah David has discovered his voice when it comes to dressing. This particular day we were home all day, so I gave him all the freedom he wanted and he INSISTED on my batman shirt, Daniel Isaac's gym shorts, his favorite old DI crocs on the wrong foot and multiple hats. Bless him.

Upside down baby beauty.

I finally figured out how to get my big boy into footed p.j.'s again...SUPERMAN!

Noah David spent almost all day last Saturday in these sunglasses.
I mean, who doesn't bathe in their orange sunglasses, Mom?

The past two weeks have been the-good-kind of overwhelming! From the time we announced our decision and calling to embark on this beautiful adoption journey a couple weeks ago, we have hit-the-ground running in fund raising and experiencing "our village" begin to come together and build on behalf of the baby the Lord is knitting together for us. Not a day goes by that I don't think of the birth mother who is potentially already carrying our baby, her family, what she is experiencing, the growth and formation and creation of the child within her and what she will go through. While I am so eager and ready to have our baby in arms, in family, in village, my heart breaks for her and is begging our Lord to take good care of her and provide her with His peace that passes all understanding. Please join us in praying for her and for baby. That means the world to us. You know what else has touched us to the core? The encouragement, excitement and support given to us by each of you. This child's life is already being celebrated and prayed for, and he/she is going to have one heck of a story! I can't wait to tell him/her about the generous donations poured in on his/her behalf, on our Adoption Aprons (see our Etsy shop link in the side bar) selling out the first day, the people from Africa who have been placed in our path just this week and other children from Uganda...the Village is being built. And what a loving, safe, warm village he/she will arrive in and grow up in. So thank you. Thank you for loving us and for loving our boys and for loving our baby!

Our application to Lifeline was accepted at the beginning of January, so our next step is to get our home study done. The only part of our adoption that Lifeline cannot do is our home study since Daniel is an employee. SO, Catholic Social Services in Montgomery will be doing it for us. They boys and I went to Montgomery Tuesday afternoon to pick up our application and talk with our social worker. They will hopefully be able to begin the home study at the end of February, but we have plenty of "homework" and paperwork to complete in the meantime. AND, the $1500.00 to raise for our home study fee to them. Depending on how quickly our fingerprints and Child Abuse/Neglect clearances come back, it should be around 3 months for our home study to be completed. We are moving along and trusting the Lord every step.

NOW for the DI FUNNY!
Daniel Isaac says at least one thing a day that makes me laugh hysterically and run to write it down. Today, though, I was in the car when this one happened, and I'm still giggling....

We were getting ready at home this morning, and Daniel Isaac was complaining about having to run an errand before going to the park. I told him that if he did not complain and argue that we could get a special drink from Sonic to have with our picnic at the park. Well, he continued to complain and fuss...about his shirt, the lumps in his socks, having to run errands, etc. So we passed up Sonic much to his dismay and confusion. I told him, "Daniel Isaac, we don't get to get a treat because you didn't obey Mommy. I told you that you couldn't complain and argue if you wanted a treat and you continued to complain and argue all morning, so you don't get one. Next time, make a better choice to obey Mommy, ok?" He very earnestly began his litigation..."Mommy, you see, that lady in the garden Eve was made from Adam's booby. (Pointing to his upper rib to show me) And they made a bad choice and ate the fruit when God told them not to and turned back into dust. So, I can't be good allll the time. I just can't." Well, if that's not trying to apply Scripture then I don't know what is. We still didn't get Sonic and instead had more discussion about asking God to help him obey and do better next time. :) So just in case you ever wonder, "that lady Eve was made from Adam's booby and when they died she went back in there and he turned into dust."

Happy Weekend! Stay tuned for more apron designs and postings on our Etsy site and facebook!

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  1. how funny what DI said! and ND looks so grown up in those pictures!! I'm so glad the funds are coming in so fast. I'll be praying for the home study fees to come in quick. Excited for your journey!