Expecting our next child...

No anticipation over a pregnancy test or first ultrasound appointment to have a first view of the tiny little growing baby bean. No growing belly or hiccups within. No feet or elbows stuck in my rib cage. No middle of the night trips to the bathroom. No monthly photos of growing tummy. No maternity clothes. No swollen hands and feet and face. No belly rubs from my boys. No admiring smiles from strangers. No kicks or rolling around or punches from inside my womb. No cravings or extra large appetite. No staring down in wonder and awe...

But oh, the preparation for our next child...it's different but it's very much here and feels really good. It's the good kind of overwhelming....

Strangers and old friends and new friends and family messaging their thoughts and prayers. Dozens of friends and family pouring donations for our yard sale onto our front porch, shed, friends' barn. People following our adoption process and praying and supporting and encouraging. Dear friends volunteering their time...offering to be up at the crack of dawn with us...willing and eager to do anything to help. Precious souls opening their hearts, hands and feet to help us.

Literally "a village" is rallying for a precious baby who will be born half way around the world to a mama who can't care for him/her. Our family and many of our friends and family here in Alabama preparing and praying and hoping and helping and ready to open our hearts and arms and home to this child. It feels indescribably good to have so many people loving our baby before he/she is even home, and I cannot wait to tell him/her this part of his/her story one day!

One of our many preparations in the fund raising part of this adoption journey has been occurring and is going to finally be here this Saturday. Our first yard sale! We have accumulated a grand collection of items to sell and will be working all day tomorrow to get everything priced and hauled and loaded and unloaded and set up--spread all over Mom and Dad's big lawn just waiting to be bought. And every penny will go towards paying our adoption expenses...our overall goal--$30,000.00.

I must say, I'm already deeply touched by the outpouring of donations and help for Saturday, and I cannot wait to see everything spread out and ready to be sold. Pictures will be taken and tucked away and then put into baby's book to show all or the love and preparation that took place before he/she came home. So please, keep spreading the word, keep praying, and keep loving this precious child who will one day be a part of this wonderful, loving village!

THIS Saturday, April 21, 2011
Adoption Fundraiser
414 N. 10th St.
Opelika, Alabama
7:00 a.m.- Noon

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