Mwangaza is the Swahili word for "shining light", and it's also the name of a children's choir from Uganda that I got to see last weekend.  Oh, how my heart swelled throughout their entire performance full of color and life and joy.  I cannot think of a better description than "mwangaza" to describe them.  They truly shined.  I loved getting to see a stage full of beautiful children right from the very country (and some of them from the same city our baby will likely be from) singing and dancing their hearts out.  They were beautiful, so beautiful.  To see clips and for more information on these precious shining lights, visit their website at www.mwangazachoir.org.  And please, treat yourself to watch some of their videos at www.mwangazachoir.org/video.  Let their shining light spill over into your home and life, and then share it!  

Meanwhile, we're praying for our little Mwangaza...our shining light and his/her birth family.  Below is a poem I wrote one morning while praying for him/her.  

Dear Baby, a poem for you...

Sweet child of mine, 
I know not where you are.
Sweet child of mine,
You seem so very far.
Sweet child of mine,
I am so eager to hold you tight.
Sweet child of mine, 
I can't wait to experience your shining light.
Sweet child of mine,
You are such a precious gem.
Sweet child of mine,
I'm thankful for you to Him.

Let your light shine!

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