Spotlight on Daniel Isaac

Warning: If you enjoy mother's beaming and bragging on their light-filled children, continue reading...you will get your fill! If you find parental pride and joy over their little ones hazardous to your health, please stop reading immediately for you are in danger!

One of my absolute favorite days in the whole year is Mother's Day, and equally delightful to this day is the Mother's Celebration at Daniel Isaac's Sonshine Preschool. I'm talkin' heart-swellin', eyes moist, face hurtin' from smilin', explosive love and delight in my boy. Below is the very best recount that I can put into words, and then a special treat....a video of my little star!

As the children proceed into the fellowship hall to find their places on the stage, all of them are searching the rows of cushioned church chairs to find their mamas. One by one they locate mama, eyes lock, and then dimple-faced, ear-to-ear grins burst forth followed by the most enthusiastic waves you've ever seen, followed by squeals of "Mommeeeee" and "THAT'S my Mommy!". The Mamas are in the house, and the babies are ready to celebrate! Daniel Isaac came proudly walking into the fellowship hall in his place in the line, except he wasn't waving. He was grinning huge, and he was doing this....
He had his "I love you" sign up, and with the help of his left hand, he held it up as he marched in line to find his spot on stage. I was so touched and high-on-love I didn't get a picture in the moment, so I had him pose afterwards, which he again proudly did!

Mrs. Ginny, the children's Resource teacher who teaches them the songs and organizes this awesome program knows just what to do to get to each of our mama hearts. I gotta say, my favorite part about Daniel Isaac's performance were his dramatic ad-libs that he found necessary and that I found purely delicious....feast with me! (The end is the funniest part on this one.)

Seriously, I get to be Daniel Isaac's mama? What a JOY! You know, "Isaac" means "laughter", and I'm just finding that more and more fitting for our little ham. As fun as his performance was, I'm still getting to enjoy video AND repeated live performances that break forth at the most unpredictable moments...always with Noah David beaming, grinning, and clapping for his big brother. For even 21 month old Noah David understands what a big deal Daniel Isaac is and how much Mama appreciates his affection and declaration of his love for me. One last dessert...

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