Mukulu Lemonade Stand

After months of Daniel Isaac eagerly running to us every time he found a penny or a quarter on the ground or in the sofa cushion and declaring, "Look, money!  For our adoption!  We can use it for our baby!", we let him plan a fund raiser of "his own", and I'd be lying if I said my heart didn't swell over his ideas and help planning and executing his lemonade stand.  He took it all very seriously and had very specific ideas (which I finally figured out came from the movie Ramona and Beezus he saw several months ago where Ramona had a lemonade stand) for what would be served and what we would charge.  Thankfully, several friends helped bake cookies and Nana and Pops helped with the set up, take down and in betweens.  Not to mention, Grandmama and Papa's help throughout the day, especially with Noah David who was greatly offended that he wasn't allowed to endlessly dispense lemonade to the grass.  Daniel Isaac and Noah David painted the signs and themselves...we're still peeling yellow paint off of our feet and legs.  Daniel Isaac diligently served his customers after "taking their order", and he quickly learned what "keep the change" means.  He carefully added each coin and dollar to his Superman lunch box and remembered to thank each customer.  He began to wilt around 11:30 and was begging to swim, but after lunch and swimming with his buddies and a nap with Mama, he bounced back to business.  Our dear friends came and stayed to help the second half, and little Michael's enthusiasm helped keep my little man going in the heat.  Bottom line, many friends and strangers came by and supported my boys' efforts to participate in the fundraising part of the journey our family is on to bring our baby home from Uganda.  We were once again surrounded by love and generosity and got to experience more of our Lord's provision.  For us, a $30,000 goal seems really out-of-reach and overwhelming at times...but then my boy hosts a lemonade stand and makes almost $300 in one day, and there's a peace in my heart that just knows the rest will come.  And most importantly, baby will come.  And our family will grow, just as each of us are growing on this adoption journey.  And it is good and beautiful and exciting.  And in the words of Daniel Isaac when I told him how much money he raised..."Wow, that's awesome!"  Enjoy the pictures below...and join me in gratitude for the many ways our Father is providing for us...all of us.

Daniel Isaac's friends Catherine, Charlotte, and William came to support him and enjoy some lemonade and cookie treats! 
Daniel Isaac serving Miss Sarah some lemonade
We love our Deane!  Can't wait for baby to get to meet her!  She has been so faithful to help us, support us, and pray for baby and baby's birth family and us on this journey.
Daniel Isaac and Michael taking a little break to enjoy the lemonade
Jason, DI, and Michael (Cookie bakers and entrepreneurs)
Servin' up the lemonade!
Nana and her boys.
Melanie supervising cookie dispensing to the boys.  (She and her boys made the yummy lemon cookies and pecan sandies and was so awesome to share with every customer why we were doing what we were doing...THANK YOU MELANIE and boys!!)
Despite Daniel Isaac stating several times that he "just couldn't play", he managed a few breaks to run like the wind and wrestle with friends.

Sweet Holt Bear and Daniel Isaac...silly face pictures only.
3 handsome and VERY SILLY boys!  Holt, DI, and Pierce
Eli enjoying the sweet tea...and the dispenser.  :)
BIG HUG from Caroline
Dorsey came!!!  YAY!!!  DI had begun his "wilt" and hid behind me for this picture...

L-R: Melanie, Running DI, Feng, Nana, Grandmama, Papa, and Kyle
Daddy made it home in time from work to come buy his lemonade--HOORAY!
Our sweet friends the Peatmans walked down to enjoy some lemonade and cookies, each with their own ziploc baggie of coins...so precious!
Our youngest customer, sweet baby Molly!

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  1. Enjoyed seeing your shy boy the other day. He's pretty special! ; )

  2. Thanks, Shea! We all know he's not really shy. :) It was so special and sweet for you and your two precious babies to come by!!!