After several weeks of late nights and early mornings, this beach vacation with Nana and Pops could not have come at a better time! I daydreamed of the beach, a nap on the beach, playing at the beach, minimal laundry and dishes at the beach, endless smiles and giggles at the beach, closeness with family and friends at the beach...

Daddy, DI and ND before hitting the beach...ND's first time this year at the aware-and-into-everything age...

This little man was eager to get to the beach and stayed eager all day long...what a bright light!

I will never grow tired of that warm, wonderful feeling in my heart when I see our boys loving and trusting their daddy.  Hand in hand is one of my favorites...

ND thinks that EVERYthing DI does is cool and absolutely what he should be doing.  It didn't matter to him that his water-squirter was upside down most of the time...he was hangin' with his "Brubber".

Upsie daisy.  Getting up in a life jacket is even harder than getting up normally.  

Sweet Daddy and Noah David cheesin' on the beach.  Happy to be soakin' up the sun and waves. 

John David ("Babo") and my precious nephew Jake.  I love them.

Getting to watch this little man in action this year at the beach has been purely delightful.  He's right there, every step and doesn't miss a beat.  My dumplin'.  

"Old Pops" as Noah David calls him didn't act so old when he was summoned to the chilly ocean by Daniel Isaac.  

Pops, Daniel Isaac and the big blue sea. 

I heart wet baby eye lashes.  

I also heart cherry-red baby lips. 

Lunch at the beach...

I really really love him.


Daniel Isaac did one of his awesome little jigs before swimming.  I could watch his dance moves all day long.  He rocks.  


ND's favorite water hobby is floating on his back resembling a beached whale and causing great laughter and smirks.

I really really love him.

Cousins in matching pajamas = precious.

Night night from a sun-kissed crew!

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