Almost 2

Life-celebration planning is officially underway for our Noah David.  I cannot believe this snuggly, mischievous, little artist...and by artist I mean can find writing utensils anywhere and believes the world is his canvass...literally...is almost 2 years old.  If you ask him how old he is, he either says "half" (meaning one and a half) or a very confident "five".  The same still-squishy baby who still sleeps peacefully wedged between Daniel and I regularly declares, "Me do it me self."  His independence is blossoming, yet his desire to be close to Mama and Daddy is still thriving.  It's a wonderful stage...one foot in the baby door and one foot out into big boy world!  He's a part of his birthday party planning this year, and is already anticipating the event!  I love birthday parties because I love celebrating life...especially the little lives that have so powerfully been used to change my life.  And this little life is


The big kids were playing dress up, so Noah David quickly got into costume...police man jacket, pirate hat and pistol.

After ND helped me pick these glasses out, he insisted, "Mine glasses, Mommy."  

His latest interest....riding in the baby seat at Wal-Mart, Target, Hobby Lobby...anywhere he spots them.

CHEEEEEESE.  I love his chicklet teeth.

He's given everyone their own nickname for his own personal use and amusement.  He calls my dad "Old Pops."  He calls my mom Nana, "Nanny."  He calls Heather, "Auntie Hella."  He calls Daniel's mom Grandmama, "Gam-mommy."  Cousin Jake is "Jakey". He beats to the tune of his own drum, and we like his beat.  In fact, we dance right along with him and enjoy the music and rhythm he brings to our lives very much.  The other night when I was rocking him to sleep, he held his lovie named "Duckie" up and sang in his soft sweet singing voice, "Holy holy duckie...holy holy duckie."  Then he put Duckie down and began to do the sign language for "holy."  I mean, I'm supposed to be poker-faced at bed time and stay calm and quiet, but how in the world do I contain the giggles with this little man's evening serenade?  Daniel Isaac and I laugh all throughout the day at the things ND says and does.  His humor is just one of the many things we love about him and can't wait to celebrate his life at his birthday party coming up!  Noah David, you are quite the spark in our lives, and we love you to pieces!

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